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Design Learning

Design Learning ignites passion for education!

Quanta "Design Learning" program, initiated in 2013, is the first step to innovative education for schools in Taiwan, through collaborations with and participation in QCEF programs. In the period of 2013 to 2018, we have incorporated “Problem Based Learning” as format in curriculums in participating schools, with an interactive learning style to execute the main mission, “exhibition-curating” has proven to be a great success. Starting this year (2019), “Design Learning” implements science, technology and humanities as a key guide in transforming the way we learn, teach and nurture developing minds with advancing education.

The concept is to create an interactive learning and stimulating classroom environment with the theme of “learning-oriented exhibition-curation mission,” in advancing critical life skills in critical thinking, innovation, teamwork and course of action. “Design Learning” takes place for one semester period, guiding teachers away from the traditional education methods through innovation, motivation and practice by reignition passion for teaching and updating their curriculums with the latest in education trends and methods. The teachers in turn motivate the students by initiating a love for learning, problem solving, creativity and implementing a progressive planning and execution abilities, resulting in the highest participation in classroom learning and activities, activism and engagement, as well as an increase in grades and love for learning.

  • Implementation

The “exhibition-curating mission” inspires the concept of art appreciation by designing a semester’s curriculum based on the applied mission.

The key of action

Course of action
The course of action includes six steps, over an annual period in the exhibition-curating mission:

    • Application
      1. Application: Each year, 18 schools in Taiwan from elementary and junior high are selected to participate for one semester.
      2. Selection Period: The annual recruitment process fall at the end of February with the deadline being in mid-April. The official announcement on the selected finalists is broadcasted in May of each year.
      3. Resource & Support: Teaching grants, expert consultants, teachers’ workshop, and experiential learning for students